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5 WAYS TO USE THE PROCEEDS Similar to traditional car insurance, comprehensive car insurance is a policy that drivers can easily purchase from their existing insurance agent or broker. Again, Credible can connect you to a broker and help you get covered by comprehensive insurance when you're ready. Just head to their website and see what comprehensive coverage plans are currently available . “Comprehensive car insurance is additive, meaning it adds even more insurance coverage on top of your existing auto insurance policy,” said Zach Shefska, founder of Your Auto Advocate, a customer advocacy platform for car buyers and owners. “Claims are traditionally made the same way you would make them if you got into a car accident.” Comprehensive auto insurance claims process The owner of the vehicle in question files a claim with their insurance company after an incident. “After paying the chosen deductible amount, any damages above and beyond the deductible will be paid for by the insurance company to restore the vehicle back to its condition prior to the incident,” said Drewbie Wilson, a licensed property and casualty insurance agent in Plano, Texas. Insurance experts advise car owners not to confuse comprehensive auto insurance with official source collision insurance. Credible can also help you understand the difference between the two and allow you to compare insurance rates and brokers.“Think of collision insurance as insurance that protects a driver from a car accident, and comprehensive insurance as insurance that protects a driver from the unthinkable,” Shefska said. “Most drivers comprehend and understand that there is always a chance you may get into a car accident when you put the key in the ignition—that's simply the reality of driving.